Thank you for your interest in a property managed by Hagler & Company with Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road. It is important that you read the information below prior to submitting an application and paying the non-refundable application fee. To review the items that we will consider when evaluating your application, please visit our Qualifications and Notifications page. You will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understand the information during the rental application process.

Rental Application Process:

  • Each occupant of legal age (18 years old or older) must complete a separate application. Married couples must apply separately. Only applicants and their minor children may reside in the property.
  • We are very thorough in our screening process. Providing false or misleading information will result in a denial of your application or subsequent termination of tenancy upon determination of such falsified information. The entire application must be completed, failure to supply requested information can result in denial of application.
  • We only accept applications via our online application.
  • It can take 2 -3 business days to process an application. Delays in the approval process are typically due to incomplete information being submitted or difficulty reaching employers and landlords for verification.
  • Non-refundable application fee of $75.00 is required for each applicant. Applications submitted without proper payment of application fee will not be processed. The non-refundable application fee is to cover the cost incurred for processing an application.

Each applicant must provide the additional information to complete the processing of the rental application:

  • Two most recent paystubs or if your recent employment is a new job, you can provide a signed copy of an offer letter on company letterhead; if you're self-employed you must provide your two most recent years tax returns.
  • Clear, legible copy of a government issued photo identification and one of the following: (1) a United States government issued Social Security Number, or (2) current work visa (I-94), or (3) temporary resident alien card verifying approved entry by the United States government (I-94W).
  • Copy of all vehicles(s) registration listed on the application.
  • Clear digital photo of each pet, if applicable

The above requested information can be provided via email to or faxed to (404) 806-0600


Click on the "Pay Now" link below to pay your non-refundable
$75.00 application fee.

Your application will not be processed until we receive your payment.

Below is a link to PayPal

If your credit is frozen you will need to unfreeze your credit files at all three credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax and Experian) for a minimum of seven days prior to submitting an application.

If you submit an application and your credit is frozen when we pull credit you will be required to pay an additional $75.00 nonrefundable fee before we can move forward with processing the application.

Using a CPN, Credit Profile Number or Secondary Credit Number in place of your Social Security Number on a rental application will be grounds for an immediate denial of your application.

To submit your rental application click on the link below and you will be redirected to Background Info USA to submit your application.